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    Efficacy of Portulaca oleracea: the effect of natural Portulaca oleracea extract


    Portulaca oleracea is our most common roadside weed. What do you know about its efficacy? What do you know about the function of Portulaca oleracea extract? Here is a short part for your detailed introduction. Portulaca oleracea extract is a kind of liquid extracted from Portulaca oleracea, which is like Portulaca oleracea. It has a good effect and effect. So what effect and application does Portulaca oleracea extract have? Let's have a brief understanding.

    The efficacy of purslane

    It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxifying, dispelling dampness and stopping bandage. It is suitable for those who pour down damp heat, bring down yellow color, sticky odor, short urine, thirst and bitter taste, red tongue, yellow fur, and slippery pulse. It can also be used for diarrhea of damp heat, dysentery and so on. It can repel insects and is suitable for children with hookworm disease. This product has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxification, stopping diarrhea and dysentery, removing intestinal scales, tonifying qi and tonifying deficiency, and is suitable for the treatment of chronic dysentery.

    Effect of Portulaca oleracea extract

    1. Internal administration: anti-inflammation, dysentery treatment, diabetes, hypoglycemia and pain.

    2. For external use: it can treat skin sores and purulent diseases, and has a very good effect on eczema, lacquer sores, dermatitis, skin itching and pain.

    3. In cosmetics: Mainly used for anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and anti-external irritation to the skin, as well as acne function.

    Application of Portulaca oleracea extract in cosmetics

    Purslane extract is widely used in cosmetics. It can be added to various kinds of cosmetics, such as shower gel, cream, lotion and gel, and can also be added to various skin care products and hair care products (with dandruff resistance in hair care products).

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